Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tyler Stout Star Wars posters on sale details

The word on how to possible buy them from Tyler:

hello. if you're interested in purchasing a set of 3 star wars prints from me, regular or variant, here's the info.

i'll be selling them via random email lottery. names will be picked wednesday, january 19th, 12 PM PST. so enter once before 12PM PST wednesday if you're interested.

How to enter:- send one email to
include your NAME and ADDRESS. make sure you give the name and shipping address that's on your paypal.

- multiple email entries will get you disqualified.
- multiple entries via different email addresses will get you disqualified.
- one entry per household, per mailing address.

bottom line, enter once and you'll have a shot.

price wise, since i don't have a ton of sets available, i'll be selling regular sets for $375, variant sets for $475. they'll all be signed and numbered, matching numbers in a set (all 3 numbered 50/850, for instance).

i have a mix of AP's (artist proofs) and regular sets, but they'll all be the same price and the luck of the draw will determine who gets a regular numbered set, who gets an AP numbered set. you'll know when you get your copies in the mail, in other words.

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