Tuesday, January 18, 2011


From the man, Aye Jay himself-

“This months guest is the one and only Jay Ryan! One of the heaviest hitters from the windy big shoulders city. Jay brought along Grog, he of odd numbered fingers, making this sub’s theme ” My Favorite Neandertals” !!! I brought the “after” picture, playing off Jay’s “before” or we could also call it “1000 years later”. Being that Jay was the special guest this go around, I felt able to try a looser drawing style, making this go around pretty exciting and freeing for me. Hope you guys like it, and if not, the high quality of materials at Nakatomi Inc make for great notepads for family and shopping lists! Yo Grog, pick up some brontosaurus burgers on your way home!!!”

Going along with the free-wheeling nature of the Pop-Sub, once Tim Doyle got a glance at this month’s theme, he decided to throw his hat into the ring as well, with his favorite Not-Quite-Neanderthal, The Piltdown Man! From Doyle-

“Being a big science nerd, I love the story of the Piltdown Man. Originally “discovered” in 1912, and thought to be by some scientists at the time to be an important link in man’s evolution, it took over four decades for the exact nature of this anthropological hoax to be discovered! Made of a medieval human skull, the teeth of a chimp and a jawbone of an orangutan, this chimera would have been revealed immediately in the age of DNA testing, but instead it sat as an oddity that was used by some to put forth a Euro-centric theory of evolution, as opposed to our actual origins in Africa. Still, over time the scam was revealed and science made the proper adjustments and continued on. Some anti-science whack-a-loons use Piltdown as an example of the flaws of science, but for me it stands as a shining example of science’s ability to self correct, always in the pursuit of truth. And man, I really wanted to draw a caveman, too.”

Of course, none of this explains why Jay’s caveman has a birthday cake.

This set of 4 mini prints are hand-numbered in an edition of ONLY 70. The Pop-Sub subscriptions ate up the majority of the edition, and we’ll only have 25 available to the public for sale! Each set ships in a custom printed chipboard 45rpm record jacket-

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