Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Moonalice at Slim’s SF Poster by Chuck Sperry • January 3,4,5 • Moonalice TV Live

How many artists do you see hanging their posters in the streets ? I'll let Chuck tell you about the poster and broadcast.

Moonalice is starting 2011 with a live three night Moonalice TV engagement at Slim’s in San Francisco. I made this silkscreened poster for the event at the request of the band, art directed by Chris Shaw.

The subject in my poster is hanging a poem or prayer in a tree. This is an ancient human ritual. People have been doing this in every quarter of the world forever. I was in England with Chris Hopewell from Jacknife posters and he took me to the Avesbury Stones (the little Stonehenge), and the oak trees around the site were streaming with prayer ribbons. My girlfriend Nancy hangs ribbons in the tree across the street. The ancient ritual again. It’s 2011, so we hang posters on telephone poles. And Moonalice, they livestream their rock show – and since we live in a technological new millennium – their poems are hung electronically on the air.

Moonalice at Slim’s San Francisco (M333)
January 3, 4, 5, 2011
Silkscreen Poster
16.25 x 33 Inches
Edition of 125
5 Color Silkscreen on archival cream paper
Signed and Numered

Chuck will be making a very limited release of this poster on Thursday, January 6, 2011 at noon PST. at

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