Monday, January 24, 2011

Mike Fisher - Maximum Fluoride Twitter poster giveaway

Mike Fisher aka Maximum Fluoride on is having a giveaway.

Mike promised he would do a giveaway contest on Twitter if he got to 200 followers (He actually got to 225) The way this works is like so. Retweet the following message on Twitter:
RT for a chance to win poster pack @maximumfluoride Winner drawn from FOLLOWERS at random #maxflo

Thats it. It is as simple as that. Mike will keep track of the re-tweets and put your name in the hat. He will run this through Monday midnight. Mike will draw the name on Tuesday morning and report to the winner . Sound simple enough?

Here is what you stand to win: 1 Iron Maiden poster. Long ago sold out and pretty rare. 1: High On Fire print from 2006 (variant version). 1 High On Fire print from an LA show here last April. 1: mini print from A bunch of stickers. All this stuff designed by Mike Fisher. Free to you for a simple tweet.
Check out his website HERE and Mike Fisher on also as Wrecking Crew Studios on

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