Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jon Smith Store open at Nakatomi! Built to Spill Poster on sale

Details on the move by Jon Smith to Nakatomi:

Jon Smith is moving to Nakatomi! Well, his store at least…we don’t want him actually sleeping here.

Jon’s one of the most unique gig poster artists working today, designing prints for bands like Spoon, Built To Spill, Black Keys…the list goes on and on. His prints have a crazy otherworldly and distinct look to them- if you ever get a look at his Ghostland Observatory prints, they really twist the expectations of what you’d normally see in the screen printing medium. It’s great stuff, and we’re proud to have his prints up on Nakatomi. (And, I get to see them all in person as they come into the studio!)

We’re in the process of moving his back inventory over here, bit by bit and we couldn’t be happier.

And to kick it off, we’ve got a brand new release by Jon, his Built To Spill print from back in November-

This 12×24 print is signed and numbered by Jon in an edition of 100. We also have a few of the Variants available as well!

When Jon was packing up prints to ship to us, he also came across a small stash of his sold-out Black Keys Columbus prints- these are the very last five copies available-

For one day only 20% off all Jon Smith prints- for just today, Thursday, use the code SMITH (all caps) at checkout and you'll get 20% off all Jon Smith prints. Don't waste it!

We’ve got quite a few more, and Jon will be sending us prints until we have his whole back catalog available, as well as all his new stuff! Check back often!

Find them all in the JON SMITH section of the Nakatomi store!

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