Friday, January 14, 2011

New Posters on sale Saturday from Brad Klausen

All posters will go on sale on Saturday January 15th at 10 AM PST at

Bill Hicks "Deliberate Distractions"
18" x 24", 8 colors, signed and numbered out of 200 (only 140 available)
$25.00 plus shipping

Gallery 1988 in LA just opened a show, "Is This Thing On?" (running through Jan. 29th) paying tribute to a litany of comedic talents.
This was Brad's contribution to the show...Bill Hicks.

There's a handful of people out there that Brad considers personal heroes... and Bill is at the top of that list.

Bill was more then just a comedian. He was a philosopher, a shaman, a preacher, a visionary, a man determined to try and help squeegee clean the third eye of as many people as he could in spite of the colossal social conditioning roadblocks that met him every step of
the way... He was a one man wake up call to all the mindless masses who had been lulled into excepting a false reality, one built upon gluttonous consumption, empty patriotic slogans, and an unfaltering servitude to never challenge the status quo, to shut up and do as
one is told whilst waving and championing the flag of freedom.

The Art Of Musical Maintenance 7
18" x 24", 5 colors, signed and numbered out of 75
$20.00 plus shipping

This was the show poster for the 7th annual Portland based rock poster show The Art of Musical Maintenance.

The inspiration for this poster comes from a handful of different avenues... but they all deal with one thing: magnetic spinning vortices as the mechanisms for the creation of the universe. One of the influences for the piece came from a man named Walter Russell, who is considered the american Leonardo Da Vinci. Yet most people, including myself until recently, have never heard of him. He was considered "the man who had tapped the secrets of the universe", and so far ahead of his time that even his contemporary Nikola Tesla told
him that "the public is not ready for your teachings". Coming from Tesla who was also leaps ahead of his time, that's quite a testimony.

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