Friday, February 25, 2011

Daniel Danger The Black Keys and Star Wars posters on sale today.

Kinda like the ground hog, Daniel Danger has popped up with another poster sale. His Black Keys posters will be hitting the Tiny Media Empire store tomorrow, Friday the 25th at 2pm EST.
New Years Eve - edition of 125, 24x36" 4 color prints. $125.
12/30 & 1/1 - each an edition of 75, 18x24" 4 color prints. $125 for the matched pair.
12/30 & 1/1 - edition of 20, 24x36" 4 color UNCUT sheets. $200 each.
...though less than the stated edition size will be available.

An hour later, at 3PM EST, he'll be putting his Artist Proof copies of his official print for Star Wars 'Sanctuary Moon' up for sale. This is a signed edition of 30 AP copies (though less will be available), and some are randomly doodled with additional small ewoks within the image. thats right, MORE EWOKS for the ewok enthusiast.

Buy them at

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