Monday, February 28, 2011

Is this Banksy? Has the elusive graffiti artist been caught on camera in Santa Monica ?

His film Exit Through The Gift Shop was nominated for best documentary at the Oscars.

But while those hoping to see Banksy at last night's ceremony would have been left disappointed, drivers in California today caught a glimpse of a man believed to be the reclusive graffiti artist.

Exactly who the man is remains a secret - but the evidence suggests that these photos taken in Santa Monica are of him.

Elusive: Banksy didn't show up at the Oscars last night but a man thought to be the graffiti artist was spotted in Santa Monica today

Wearing a pulled-down green cap, a brown T-shirt and grey Adidas tracksuit bottoms, 'Banksy' scrambled to the top of the old container at the side of a busy highway, on which he had sprayed, 'This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant'.

Banksy is known to go back to photograph his art, as revealed in his book Wall And Piece - and the man here was carrying a camera.

Caught on camera: Wearing a baseball cap pulled down low on his face, the figure was spotted on the side of a road attending to his artwork

Banksy is thought to be the man behind this piece of modern art which compares an old container to an elephant.

The British artist has been prolific in the last few weeks, with artwork attributed to him springing up all over LA.

So what do you think is this Banksy ?

VIA The Daily Mail


  1. No it isn't. Justin Timberlake is the real Banksy!

  2. I thought the daily mail already found a pic of him in Jamaica a few years ago. This doesn't look like him