Monday, February 14, 2011

Stay Off the Moors art print by Tim Doyle on sale

Nakatomi’s Tim Doyle was commissioned to produce this tribute to the great classic, “An American Werewolf in London,” for the UK website Doyle’s copies are now for sale on Nakatomi, including his exclusive all-green variant, pictured above.

Both prints measure 18×24, and are hand-printed right here at Nakatomi Print Labs. The blue version Glows In The Dark, and is signed and numbered in an edition of 200 with only 35 available at Nakatomi. The green one does not glow, and is signed and numbered in an edition of 50, with only 40 available only on Nakatomi.

Tim Doyle writes-

“I was VERY excited to get this assignment from Ross Beatty over at Dark City- American Werewolf is probably my favorite horror movie, right up there with The Shining. But more re-watchable, as it’s got a great bit of humor in it, and it doesn’t give me the willies. As far as I can tell, American Werewolf is the first straight-up mainstream horror-comedy. A self-aware werewolf tale that exists in our world. The lead character David Kessler has seen werewolf movies, he knows what he’s becoming. Unlike a lot of horror films where say, the dead come back to life and start eating people and no-one in the story has ever seen Night of the Living Dead- American Werewolf is a horror movie that has SEEN horror movies.

The trick with doing an American Werewolf print is finding the scene that would fit my style, and still be recognizable to the fans of the film. As great a film as it is, there’s not a whole lot of iconic scenes that would translate into something I’d want to put on my wall. Naked David screaming as he’s becoming a werewolf? Nah. Naked David running in the zoo with a bunch of balloons? Nah. The weird demon creatures that bust into David’s dream? That’s not really what the movie is about.

I finally settled in on one of the opening scenes, as David and Jack are leaving the Slaughtered Lamb pub. It’s got the two main characters, RIGHT before the story proper starts- the pub behind them, the moors in the distance, the wolf stalking, and the full moon on the rise. While watching the film, seeing the statue in the town square really sealed the deal for me, as it gave me such a strong Gothic, Mike Mignola feel to the image.

Thanks to Ross for the gig, and I hope everyone likes the print.”

You can pick one up right now in the Tim Doyle section of the Nakatomi Store.

Please note- if you live in the UK, it might be cheaper for you to pick one of these up directly from Dark City Gallery.

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