Monday, February 7, 2011

Mitch O'Connell Art Print at 1xRun on sale today

Just a Thought
12 x 12 in. Signed & Numbered

3 Color SilkScreen 100lb Mr French Paper

The eternal female! Playful, knowing, on guard (even beneath the most trusting of smiles), and rejoicing in the sure knowledge that she alone is the only worthy prize in this flat world of minor and fleeting pleasures. Obviously American - and obviously drawn by an American male whose "lowbrow" designation and credentials belie the commendable expertise he brings to every one of his works.

Mitch O'Connell (and shouldn't he be a fighter pilot or a mercenary soldier with a name like that?) plays a nice game of discretion with his curriculum vitae, but his works fill the empty spaces nicely. This damsel with just the right amount of cumulus near the horizon is framed by appropriate iconography: tempus fugit, heavenly rewards, and carnal satisfaction. The promise of paradise is seldom advertised so happily. Even that smiling little devil seems to agree!!

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