Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tapecat's Framed O.G. Auction for Stephen Kasner

Details from Craig McCudden/Tapecat:

Good Mornin', Afternoon or Evening depending on where you are on this fat ball O' blue.

Today's the day where I put the work where my mouth is.
Hopefully during the next few days this work will help a fellow artist in Need....A LOT!

Up for sale is, "Precision Machinery", it's a 6" x13.5" Scratchboard Original work.

It comes in it's own hand made custom frame, crafted from 2 exceptional specimens of Curly Maple & Wenge.
The over all size of the frame complete is, 17.5"h x 13.5"w x 3.75"d
Also the frame it self is removable if one chooses to put this on the wall.

Also Included....A bonus "Thank You" Card mounted in the frame(On the backside) but easily removable if need be.

I contacted Stephen about adding a small doodle to this piece and he agreed, so I sent the board I had worked on to Stephen to add to it.
I Overnighted both ways to get this all together in a timely fashion.

Signed by both of us on the back side.

There is still some space left on this board, and it will have a personal message and more doodling that I will add to it, once the winner is confirmed and paid.
(FYI.....This will add a few days to ship as I'll do the work and then need to seal the board)

If you read my other thread about this you know how I feel, so please give a helping hand to an Artist....
It's hard work, and Mostly a WAY WAY WAY underpaid and unprotected line of work.

Stephens website: http://www.stephenkasner.com/

100% of the proceeds go to helping Stephen & shipping is on me.

This auction is open now and will run through payday on the 11th and will end at 10PM E.S.T.
If you find yourself in the winning seat please be ready to Pay via Pay Pal as a Gift to Stephen at the auction end.
When one needs cash, one needs it quickly so please be prompt!!!
(I will send the winner bidder all the info on Paying and all that jazz.)

You can go to ExpressoBeans and see the thread to bid OR if you don’t want to toss a bid up there you may contact Tapecat at this e-mail addy and bid silently. kasnerauction@gmail.com

However he will post the silent auction bids, just the dollar amount, so folks know where the auction stands.

Tapecat really doesn’t care where a bid comes from just so long as it’s nice and generous and will help Stephen in the end. Tapecat already auctioned off a set of Tyler Stout Star Wars posters to help Stephen and hopes this helps him even more.

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