Monday, February 28, 2011

Lemurian Goddess Art Print by Dave Hunter on sale details

Dave Hunter is proud at last to present the Lemurian Goddess print, an 11 color silkscreen art print. This project is the culmination of what amounted to a challenge. The image is a composite collage from many sources and is highly representative of beings sometimes encountered on the astral plane. The original was created as a gray scale con-tone, without any color concepts until the structure was finished.

The colors were then painstakingly melded from the different tonal values of the gray scale image using Gammalyte Aesthetic Technology™ and layering techniques developed by Dave over the last few years. He then went to film and printed over a 3 1/2 day marathon session at Hangar18. Most of the inks were custom created specifically for this project, including metallics and pearlescents.

Originally the edition structure was to be 50-60 printed on Strathmore Natural White, with a handful of artist variants on a series of different substrates. Sadly, the Strathmore prints encountered curing problems and were a loss when the ink started peeling off. This was due to a series of un-forseen circumstances, including freezing temperatures and changing print schedules. Luckily, the variant paper cured nicely and Dave is glad to offer 13 different variants…

On Sale Date is Tuesday, March 1, 2011 at 9AM Pacific Standard Time. Go to to purchase them and see all the variants.

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