Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ABOVE Ebay Flipper Print Release

Above just finished printing the new Ebay Flipper print edition. This edition was made by a CMYK color blending process. There are 4-different colorway versions of this print.

This is Above's most affordable print he has ever released. This print is only $20 dollars. We already know and expect that this print will be 'flipped' on Ebay for more money. Is Above crazy? yes, a little, but at least he likes to have fun and offer his collectors a chance to either hang or re-sale this print very easily.

RELEASE DATE & TIME: Friday November 29th, 2013. // RELEASE TIME 09:00 P.S.T. LOS ANGELES / WEST COAST USA. The paypal button will appear at bottom of this page at the specified time for purchasing this print.

TIME ZONE CONVERSIONS @ THE WORLD: NEW YORK CITY: 12:00 // LONDON: 16:00 // PARIS: 17:00 // DUBAI & MOSCOW: 20:00 // SHANGHAI 00:00 (Sat 30th) // TOKYO: 01:00 (Sat 30th) // MELBOURNE: 03:00 (Sat 30th)

EDITION SIZE: Ebay Flipper Regular Edition (50)

'Daytime Flipper' (Yellow & Green) edition of (16)

'Nightime Flipper' (Magenta & Blue) edition of (16)

'Undercover Flipper' (Glow in the dark) hand stenciled edition of (10)


Ebay Flipper Regular Edition (50) $20.00 us dollars

'Daytime Flipper' (Yellow & Green) edition of (16) $99.00 us dollars

'Nightime Flipper' (Cyan & Blue) edition of (16) $99.00 us dollars

'Undercover Flipper' (Glow in the dark) hand finished edition of (10) $199.00 us dollars.

LIMIT PER FLIPPER: Only 1-print per flipper.

PAPER/INK: Normal edition paper size is 19.5 inches x 27.5 inches ( 50 cm. X 70 cm. ) on Lennox-100 250 gsm white archival paper.

The Undercover, Daytime, and Nighttime print editions are sized 19 inches x 25.5 inches (49 cm x 65 cm )

Above is passionate about print making. He printed, signed, dated and numbered every print.

Buy them HERE

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