Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pearl Jam TrustoCorp Los Angeles Poster Night 2 & Shirt and Sticker World Premiere Exclusive

Another new artist or I should say artists have been added to the Pearl Jam poster roster. The group is in Los Angeles for another show tonight at the LA Sports Arena and the poster is done by TrustoCorp.

Some of you may be asking who is that ? Their work has been in galleries from Los Angeles to London. Their work has been on the streets from Los Angeles to London. What they are known for best is their biting social commentary through satire by installing street signs and other items that actually make people think again or at least that is the hope. By mocking the very people and corporations that want to control you they are on the streets fighting for you every night.

One of the funniest things they did was create a drive through liposuction clinic at an existing gas station. Read about it HERE. The installation was filmed and part of it was used in the video they made with Everlast for his song I Get By which can be seen below. Check out the ABC News video below as well.

This is the first time TrustoCorp has ever done a poster for a band and as a fan of their work I am stoked to see this and have the honor of premiering it for you all to see. This big eagle is 18 x 24 inches and it is a 7 color silk screen

Now on Monday TrustoCorp will be selling their artist edition posters so you will have a chance to get your hands a super piece of rare art by them. Artist edition will be a signed and numbered edition of 100

It will go on sale at NOON PST Monday November 25 at

Check out more TrustoCorp work on their Flickr page HERE

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