Monday, November 18, 2013

The Usual Suspects Matt Ferguson Poster Presented by Odd City Entertainment Release Details

Odd City is extremely proud to produce a print of the iconic 1995 BRYAN SINGER film, THE USUAL SUSPECTS. This film is potentially one of the greatest mystery films of all time (at least we think so, and we’re pretty sure we’re not alone). Just this year the Writers Guild of America ranked THE USUAL SUSPECTS as #35 on it’s list of 101 Greatest Screenplays Ever Written. The film has a legacy that commands respect, and Odd City hopes our small contribution will be a worthy addition.

Odd City thought long and hard about the right artist for this piece. “We chose Matt Ferguson because we wanted someone who had both minimalist sensibilities and an eye for crazy detail. If you look at some of his Avengers pieces you see his minimalist style. When you look at his Star Trek series you see a person who is capable of great detail. We felt that for this particular concept we needed somebody who could straddle the line between the two.” – Roman Morales

The poster shows a young Keyser Soze going after the mob that raped his wife and killed a child of his and kills dozens of people, including the mobsters' families, friends, and even people who owe them money.

Matt Ferguson on his inspiration:

“From the beginning of the concept the design was very much a collaborative effort. I am used to working by myself so it was really cool to bounce off someone else and use their feedback to create something special. With this particular poster I really pushed myself in terms of the level of detail I would normally put into a screen print. I used some interesting techniques, especially within the fire elements to make it come alive. My hope is that people like it as much as I enjoyed making it!”

Release and Purchase Information:

The Regular edition will be a run of 175 at $40

The Variant edition will be a run of 75 at $70

The Odd City limited edition prints will be sold online at the Odd City store. They will go on sale at a random time on Wednesday November 20th.

About Matt Ferguson:
Matt Ferguson is a Graphic Designer and Artist from Sheffield in the UK.
Matt is best known for working with Marvel Studios designing the artwork for Marvel’s Avengers Blu-Ray collection and promotional posters. He also regularly exhibits at galleries in the US and is well known in the industry for his beautifully stylized creations for established Film and TV properties, including official art for the feature films Chronicle and World War Z.

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