Monday, November 11, 2013

Tubes of Posters and Prints of Mystery from Nakatomi

It’s been 7 months since the last Nakatomi-Wide MYSTERY TUBE SALE, and people’s wounds have almost healed, tears have been dried, panties unbunched, and so they’re ready to go AROUND THE WHEEL OF PAIN AGAIN!

They have more tubes than ever before- about 250 already packed with a few more tubes-worth of prints waiting on stand-by…so hopefully those who want one can get one!

Starting somewhere between noon and 2pm CENTRAL TIME on TUESDAY November the 12th, they’ll have tubes for purchase for $50 each. Each tube will have 5 prints in it-all suitable for framing. Some are considered ‘scratch/dent’ in that there’s minor printing flaws or a ‘soft’ corner, but nothing that won’t frame out.

The quick and dirty is this- you’ll get 5 random prints from Nakatomi artists past and present, and a shot at some really great bonus prints for $50.

No joke, this is probably the BEST DAMN tube sale they’ve ever had. So much awesome at ONE TIME.

So, what’s in the pool of awesome that you’ll have a shot at getting this time out?

They’re celebrating the Good Doctor’s 50th year with this series of prints, and THIS SERIES has BEEN POPULAR, EH?  Each of these 9×24 prints will be signed and numbered by the artist, and will ONLY be available through this tube sale! The prints are in editions of 150, and each will also have a variant metallic gold edition of 20.

You are welcome to buy as many tubes as you want- you will receive a copy of one of the exclusive print in each tube. One tube per order- they cannot combine shipping- as we can only fit 5 prints in each tube!

Test Sheets! We’re randomly inserting a totally awesome and unique test-sheet with orders! A test sheet is like 4 posters flying at your optic nerve at ONCE!

6 Original pen and ink line art pieces by Doyle, used for movie posters, CD art, and art prints! That’s the original art for LOGAN’S RUN over there, fyi!

Good friend of Nakatomi, Jacob Borshard was the printer on Olly Moss’ Life Well Wasted series, and as a thank you for the use of the shop, he gave them this 1/1 metallic foil variant print, which has sat undisplayed for years in a flat-file, so they’re releasing it into the wild to hopefully find a good home!

A copy of Tyler Stout’s 24×36 LOST BOYS print from 2007!

This is only a small selection of what’s going in these tubes, with plenty more surprises!

5 prints, $50- you can knock off gifts for 5 people all at once, letting you cruise into birthday/holiday/apocalypse season with no worries!

Nakatomi will put these up for sale at a random time between noon and 2pm Central Time on Tuesday 11/12- and then tweet the sale link a few minutes later. You can follow Tim Doyle on twitter HERE.

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