Friday, November 15, 2013

Jared Wright Blue Huron "Ardea Herodias" Print Release

Jared Wright is a freelance artist from Florida and he is releasing a new screen print today. It is titled "Ardea Herodias" which is the scientific name for blue heron. A very majestic bird that is amazing to see in real life, strange this is you never see groups of them just single ones trying to grab fish.  The print is a 12"x17" two color print on French paper. It comes in 4 versions. It will be released today at 3pm EST.

They are available in Jared's  store

1- edition of 20 on French steel blue.
2- edition of 7 on French hot fudge.
3- edition of 8 key plate only on bleach bombed French steel blue.
4- Blackgraph (his printer) edition of 10 on French craft. Only available at

This print was hand printed by Steve Chase (blackgraph) and each one is hand signed and numbered by Jared wright.

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