Friday, September 23, 2016

Half Hazard Press Has Three New Prints

Half Hazard Press has 3 new art prints available and they look outstanding.

 “To Wade Into” is a 16”x24”, 5-color screen print with a first edition of 75 going for $30. The Heron in this artwork was initially created for a gig poster back in February of 2015 and has since been redrawn along with a new background and framing. It was really cool seeing the illustrations side by side and comparing the quality of work over a year and half span.  

Lost in Transit” is an 18”x24”, 4-color screen print with a first edition of 30 going for $30. This print was originally released through ARTCRANK, a long running poster show that deals specifically with bike themed screen prints.

From the Artist - Joel Hunter: The concept came from being obsessed with anything dinosaur related from a very early age. As a kid I'd always imagine the surrounding landscapes as unique habitats filled with dinosaurs interacting with the man-made structures. I wanted to try and recreate that idea of letting go and getting lost in your imagination.

Down Hill Sprint” is an 18”x24”, 3-color screen print with a first edition of 30 going for $30. This print was also released in collaboration with ARTCRANK.

From the Artist: Chris Gray: I've always been drawn to biking because I've always been obsessed with flying. I wanted to capture that feeling of coasting down the perfect hill and the bliss that comes with that moment, however short. Nature elements always play a big part in my work, as does the balance of geometric shape and structure.

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