Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Jay Ryan Hum And Andrew Bird Posters Plus A Book

Jay Ryan released a poster for last week's Andrew Bird show at Chicago's Millennium Park, and Saturday's Hum show in Athens, Ohio. Both prints are 18 x 24 inches. Not sold together, unless you want to buy both of them. One poster has monarch butterfly chrysalises, and the other has crushed Schlitz cans. Both performers are from Illinois. The Hum poster includes metallic gold ink and glow-in-the-dark moon ink.

A reminder that Jay Ryan's new book is available now, only on the Bird Machine site. The response has been impressive so far. The book comes with a small 4 by 10 inch screenprint and a sticker, neither of which will be available elsewhere. 184 pages, over 200 posters.  At 8 by 11 inches, the book should fit perfectly on top of the tank of your toilet.

Buy everything at TheBirdMachine.com

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