Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Matt Leunig Eric Church Milwaukee Posters Release

Matt Leunig was recently asked to do a set of posters for country singer, Eric Church‘s weekend set of shows in Milwaukee, WI. It had been a couple years since Matt's last Church poster but he happily agreed and was stoked to see they were doing something different this tour by having a “triptych” set of 3 posters for each city stop.

According to Matt "This would be my 15th poster for the band and over the years they have amassed quite the catalog of designs making coming up with a new original concept difficult. Milwaukee is known for many things including their wildlife, but what sticks out the most is their history w/ beer. I took inspiration from the series of nature-based bar mirrors that “Old Milwaukee” beer had released years ago and wanted to try give them an edgy spin."

Matt will have 35 Artist copies of each print he will make available as well as 15 rare “Silver mirror foil” variants for each. To allow folks to try and purchase them as a set he will split the inventory into 15 sets and 20 individual prints. For the foils,.. he will have 7 sets and 8 individual prints

On sale Wednesday in his store at

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