Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Zeb Love Childish Gambino Coachella Print Relase

Zeb Love was incredibly excited to do weekend two of Childish Gambino's performance at Coachella. He's been missing the way he used to do posters back in 2010. So Zeb made a stencil, bought 11 cans of spraypaint, painted the entire edition, then screenprinted 5 colors overtop of the paint. Resulting in 175 one of a kind gigposters that measure 18 x 24 inches. This is the first time he ever tried this method on this scale...was a SO much extra work, but he couldn't be happier with the end result. No two are perfectly alike. Zeb also did a very small run of a variant without spraypaint, and with a whole different screen.

Both posters will be on sale Wednesday April 24, 2019 : NOON EDT.

Be sure to check out this video as well.

LOVE_GAMBINO_FULL from zeb love on Vimeo.

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