Monday, April 22, 2019

Ravi Zupa Garuda Poster

Ravi Zupa has released the second of five posters in the monthly series titled Marvelous Adventures. All characters for the series are pulled from Hindu mythology (Durga, Hanuman, Rama, Garuda, Kali) and feature some of the oldest superheroes on Earth.

Garuda is the courageous, loyal companion and mount to Vishnu in Hinduism. He symbolizes courage and strength and commitment.

Garuda is a hugely popular character throughout Asia, particularly the south east. His significance varies depending on the region. Much like Pegasus, who in Greek mythology refers to one specific winged horse but has come to refer to the whole race of magical beings, Garuda is the name of one specific winged bird in Hinduism. But, when the character crosses over into Buddhism, Garudas refer to a type of golden winged magical birds.

Many of the prints in the Marvelous Adventures series refer to specific Hindu stories. This piece does not. Ravi made Garuda into an American bald eagle and forced him to team up with his mortal enemies. It seems to Ravi that a little bit less conflict and a little bit more cooperation in our culture is in order.

TITLE: There's Work To Be Done
SIZE: 24 x 36 Inches
MEDIA: 5-Color Screen Print

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