Thursday, April 18, 2019

Black Dragon Press No Exit & Dogtooth Posters Release

Black Dragon Press are delighted to release brand new work from two very exciting young artists this week. They have both tackled two tough briefs with great skill and a deep understanding of the source materials and BDP couldn't wait to share their work with you.

'No Exit' is an infamous 1944 existentialist French play by Jean-Paul Sartre. The play begins with three characters who find themselves waiting in a mysterious room. It is a depiction of the afterlife in which three deceased characters are punished by being locked into a room together for eternity, giving origin to Sartre's famous quote that "Hell is other people". If that plot seems familiar you've probably been watching Mike Schur's 'The Good Life' (Netflix), a TV series inspired by Sartre's classic masterpiece.

LA-based illustrator and scratchboard fiend Evan Cagle took the brief on and has produced a striking image, displaying both delicate finesse in his rendering of the decor and a bold, chaotic approach to the dress on the main mysterious figure in his illustration:

'No Exit' comes in two versions. A regular edition and a signed art print both are 24 x 18 inches on Colorplan Mist paper.

'Dogtooth' is the film that brought Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster, The Favourite) to BDP's attention back in 2009. A film which in some ways shares some of the same themes as 'No Exit', only in a completely different way. It tells the story of a Greek couple who keep their three adolescent offspring confined inside their fenced suburban property, not by force, but by the use of myth-building and lore. We won't say any more because spoilers but if you haven't watched it we very strongly recommend you do so. It's just brilliant. And a bit harrowing. And very funny. And totally original. But mainly just brilliant.

Tasked with bringing Dogtooth to life is another BDP newcomer, Berlin-based Isabel Seliger. Her work is subtle, intelligent, and quietly confident so we decided we could test her with probably the toughest brief we've sent out. Dogtooth is such weird little gem that it necessitated an intelligent approach, and Seliger delivers. Her poster is full of symbolism with a subtle play on confined spaces and is beautiful to look at to boot. We really love this one.

Both posters will go sale Thursday 18 April at 5pm UK (NOON EDT) time in the Black Dragon Press Shop.

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