Friday, April 26, 2019

Justin Santora Spots & Growth Print Sets

Justin Santora has a couple of 3 print sets he has released and they are pretty cool.

Justin describes the Spots set of prints:
This is something I have wanted to release for a while. I know I risk looking self indulgent with niche subject matter like this, but I've never really shied about from my skateboarding and punk rock roots. I suppose something like this was inevitable. If you follow me on instagram, you may recall a few mini prints I posted late last spring.
This is the first installment in what I hope will be a series of print sets depicting various skate spots and/or objects. Each of these prints are 7x7", five color screenprints on Cougar white coverweight paper. Each print is signed and all three come packed in a screenprinted, hand-numbered portfolio cover and resealable clear bag.
Growth is a new print set which consists of three one-color screenprints: two are 6x9", and one is 9x12".

From Justin:
I’ve always kind of struggled with big life changes. I think a lot of people do. It seems like nearly everyone i know is going through some kind of massive shift in life lately. I spent the last eight years running my little operation out a building in Chicago, five of which were with my dear friends, Dan and Jes from Landland.

The smaller two prints are obviously related to skateboarding, a cornerstone of my youth and an admitted current form of therapy. The concrete ledge print is based on one of the most famous skate spots in all of San Francisco, The Hubba Hideout. These ledges were all over the pages of nearly every skate magazine in the 90’s, truly a permanent fixture in the history of skateboarding. It is now long gone.

The other smaller print is a combination of two Inktober drawings, and i suppose it could be considered the titular piece in the set. “With one hand time moves us forward; with the other it holds us back.”
Both are on sale now at

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