Tuesday, April 23, 2019

James Flames Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Charleston Poster Release

Here is James Flames latest poster for Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, from their concert this past Saturday (4/20) in Charleston, South Carolina.

According to James, he visits Charleston quite often, and thought it'd be fun to play with the chill coastal vibes of that city. Here’s the little story behind this piece:
Springtime is here, and it seems like the fields of newly bloomed flowers are an endless sight for our traveling musicians. They've brought along their guitars and their best bud pup, and the three of them set out to find the coast.

They had heard legends about the magic keys – it seemed almost unbelievable to them, but then there they were: two giant, golden keys just laying there in the flowers! They picked these keys up and carried them along, keeping their eyes peeled for the natural companion to the keys: a keyhole.

It didn’t take long for them to find it, and so they used one of the keys, curious to see what happens next.

And then it happened. The blue sky turned into waves, flowing and crashing onto themselves like a giant ocean in the sky. But the center of those waves began to open into a giant portal. They stood in absolute awe as the portal presented to them just what they were looking for all along, the beautiful coast. They walked through the portal to the beach, continuing their adventure. Who knows what wonders await!
Poster is 18" x 24" Screen Print
Artist's Edition of 75, Signed & Numbered

These limited edition posters will be available Tuesday, April 23 at 2pm Eastern at www.jamesflames.com

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