Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Matt Leunig Widespread Panic & Sweetwater 420 Fest Posters Release

Another 420 Fest is in the books. Matt Leunig was lucky again to be asked to do the artwork for the Sweetwater 420 Fest, which included pins, posters, shirts and all kinds of merch. Its such a great Festival in the heart of Atlanta. The lineup is always great and there is so much imagery attached to it to play with. Along with the official 420 show print Matt also did a gigposter for Widespread Panic for the weekend.

The WSP poster had a 500 print run and was skillfully printed by the badass folks at The Half & Half. He will have a Artist Edition (signed/AP) run of 50 available Along with the regular run he will have a small run of foil variants available. A rainbow foil (run of 14) & a lava foil variant (run of 17).

Widespread Panic headlined this years Sweetwater 420 Fest in Atlanta this past weekend and gave Matt the nod to work up a poster for the weekend. It just so happened he also created a print for the whole Festival and much like with last years 420 headliner String Cheese.

Back in December. when working on Panic’s New Years shows in Atlanta, they chatted about some how bringing back their iconic “Note Eater” character back into the mix. The original idea was to try and work it into the New Years Eve Countdown but due to timing they ended up scrapping it. The whole thing went through a couple different iterations and poses but ultimately they chose the current layout so that Matt could work in some more Atlanta references

The final poster is a 6-color screenprint (18″ x 24″), and he will have an Artist Edition (signed/AP) run of 65 available

Along with the regular run, to celebrate the Return of the Note Eater, Matt also will have available a limited run of different foil variant with some paper he's never tried before.

“Rainbow foil” variant… run of 9
“Galaxy foil” variant… run of 7
“Diskettes foil” variant… run of 8
“Jazzy foil” variant… run of 6
“Oil Slick foil” variant… run of 8

All the posters will be on sale April 24th @11am (EST). at in his store.

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