Thursday, December 10, 2009

4 new prints on sale this week by Todd Slater - Pixies, Ween, Dead Weather & Built to Spill/Dino Jr.

From Todd:

On Thursday at 2PM CST my newest Dead Weather and a Built to Spill + Dinosaur Jr. prints will go on sale. The Dead Weather is $40 and the BTS & Dino Jr. is $30. Here's a bit of info about each:

The Dead Weather print is a followup to the Seattle print I did earlier this year and is printed with the same metallic inks. It marks the first print I've done for a Scandinavian show. The print was sold at three shows during the Dead Weathers tour thru Norway, Denmark and Sweden. It was a limited print run with the band selling most at the shows, so I have less than usual for sale.

The Built to Spill & Dinosaur Jr. is a five color screen print based on lyrics and themes on BTS's new album. There is a variant of this print on blue paper that will go out for free to the first ten people to buy the print. You will get the version on white paper along with the blue paper variant.

On Friday at 2PM CST my newest Pixies and Ween Halloween prints will go on sale. Both prints are $30. Here's a bit of info about each:

The Pixies print is probably my favorite of this update. The imagery deals with the story of Samson and Delilah which is mentioned in the Pixies song "Gouge Away". The placement of the scissors is important here for three reasons: the cutting of Samson's hair, the V formed over Delilah's face and the blades going thru her eyes referencing the blinding of Samson. The first five to buy get a free test print of this print. There is a variant with copper inks that gives the print a totally different feel that will also be up on Friday.

The Ween print was for their Halloween show in New Orleans and I wanted to show some of the architecture and vibe that I felt in my last visit to the city. The candles and smoke are a transparent white layer printed on top of the image and I must say this is some of the tightest printing D&L has done for me. There is a really nice variant with navy inks that will be up on Friday as well.

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