Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Octophant.us | Rock me, Baby Jesus - SALE

He really does so nice work dont miss this chance to get some really nice stuff cheap

From Phineas X. Jones :

Now people, seriously. My flat file is absolutely full of rock and roll. And we all know that rock and roll is not meant to be kept in drawers. No, it is not. So with your help, I am hoping to free some of this rock into the wider world.

From the instant you are reading this, until the end of December 13th, any poster with the name of a band or the name of a play on it is ONLY TEN MEASLY DOLLARS.

That is correct. Dinosaur Jr, Andrew Bird, X, Mr. Spaceman and lots of others only $10 for the rest of this week.

All the discounted posters are conveniently marked as such on Octophant.us even now for your shopping convenience. You are officially encouraged to go crazy!

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