Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brian Setzer Orchestra at The Warfield Poster by Chuck Sperry

Another instant classic by Chuck. Dont hesitate on this one.

Here is what Chuck has to say about it:

The Firehouse Goldenvoice Series is getting mighty close to 100 posters as the end of the year approaches. I designed this one in a 1940’s Film Noir style (complete with venetian shade shadows in the background) – a nice companion to my Moby Poster from earlier this year.

Nice thing, I got to design this on my new computer. Of course the drawing was done in the old fashioned way – with good old fashioned brush and ink. The new computer helped to put this all together. It just means less time to wait while changing my mind about colors or shapes – and of course I can watch old movies while designing to get inspired – or video chat with Chris Shaw (which just makes me laugh). So just like Brian Setzer Orchestra this poster is a mix of new and old. I’ll be posting some photos of this when I get them back from the studio later tonight or tomorrow morning so stay tuned. The metallic gold is very heavy and runs under all the colors to make very beautiful tints and shimmers.

Firehouse Goldenvoice Series Number 86
Edition of 150
5 colors on archival cream paper
23″ x 35″
Signed and Numbered
$35 + $10 Shipping

Buy it at ChuckSperry.net

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