Monday, December 14, 2009

Ron English Condoms...

Hot of the post trail of Ron English's recent puzzle release, comes something a little something out of the ordinary... designer condoms! Yes, you did not misread that, and thanks to CONDOMania these are available to purchase right now, and for those looking to save some money you can buy them in bulk: 1 Dozen (.99 per condom) $11.95, 12 Dozen (.80 per condom) $116.55, 3-pack with Reusable Condom Case $9.95, 5 Dozen (.89 per condom) $53.78. So tell me, is Ron English becoming the Gene Simmons of the art world by marketing his style/art on everything, to me this is just too funny, and good for Ron, but this raises the question does this make Ron's art less appealing to the collector?

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