Monday, December 7, 2009

Accursed Ugliness / Phantom of the Opera Print by Garry Booth

Mondo Celluloid hosts cult movies every Friday Night at midnight, at the Art Theatre in Long Beach, CA. Previous screenings include classics such as "The Toxic Avenger," El Topo," "Sid and Nancy," and "Night of the Living Dead," all of which shown on original 35mm film.

This Friday, December 4th, the first in the new series of art prints are being released for the screening of the classic silent film "Phantom of the Opera," the 1925 Lon Chaney version, complete with live score by The Creative Arts Collective. Phone Booth Gallery Artist and Director Garry Booth is the first to participate.

Here is the information for the Phantom of the Opera print, titled "Accursed Ugliness."

Artist: Garry Booth
Title: Accursed Ugliness
# of Colors: 2
Media: Screen Print
Edition: 50
Price: $20

Purchase online Saturday:
More info about the screening here:

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