Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Alex Pardee's painting for the Gallery1988 Lost show

From Alex:

Yes, my Losties, the above image is a painting I just created, called "The Lockeness Monster", depicting John Locke from my favorite television show, LOST, and his violent bare man-hands bringing recent murderous holiday joy to a genetically engineered, and probably super smart shark created by the Dharma Initiative. "Why in the Swan did you choose to draw something that never happened on that show, Alex? You are stupid" is something I am sure you may be saying right about now. "Oh, Con-trare, Moan Frair" I say in respone to you. (I would have spelled that in correct French spelling but, according to LOST, no one can understand French which is why that signal went unanswered for 17 years or something.)
The scene above DID actually happen, but was deemed too bloody to ever air on television. And it was one of my favorite scenes from Season 2. As pretty much one of the creators of LOST, don't you think I would know that?! Sheesh.
Anyway, what? "Why in Jacob's name did I draw a LOST-related drawing in the first place?" is what you are asking now? Well, duh, I think it's pretty obvious. It was for this SUPER SECRET "LOST" THEMED ART SHOW AT GALLERY 1988 IN LA that is opening secretly TONIGHT, DECEMBER 15!


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