Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Big ON SALE day for Brad Klausen posters this Saturday

Pearl Jam, Christchruch, NZ
18" x 24", 5 colors, signed and numbered $60.00 plus shipping

*The show copies were printed in Australia and his copies and
the Ten Club copies were printed by D&L in Seattle.

For Built to Spill's recent two night stay at The Showbox here in Seattle, Brad was
beyond pleased to get to work with an artist he had been a fan of for many years.
Her name is Kristin Summers and this is her first poster (on the left), so hopefully he can
all convince her to do more. She did the poster for the show on the 19th and Brad
did the poster for the show on the 20th. These will both be sold individually as
well as together as a matched set with matching numbers (they aren't both on
one sheet, the matched set is still 2 separate posters). There will be 40
matched sets available.
Matched set $40 plus shipping.

14 1/4" x 24", 7 colors (metallic gold) signed and numbered
$25.00 plus shipping

14 3/4" x 24", 5 colors signed and numbered $20.00 plus shipping

All posters will go on sale on Saturday December 5th at 3 PM PST at

For any of you who are interested, there are two new interviews with Brad
up online...

One by fellow Seattle poster artist and D&L soldier Jon Smith:

And the other over on the bay area site Spinning Platters:

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