Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Test Prints and a Mystery Tube Sale from Nakatomi

From the depths of the Nakatomi Labs :

End of year Tube Sale! It's the end of our first year here at Nakatomi, and we need to clean house!

What you'll get in your tube is FIVE prints from the Nakatomi print shop. It's going to be a total grab bag of surprises, but here's what we can tell you-

Each tube will contain-

At least ONE Test Sheet, a completely unique print made up of several artists' work piled on top of each other (some double sided!) Click on the thumbnails to the right to see examples!
No more than 2 ALMOST perfect prints that just didn't make the original run's cut
And the remainder of the 5 will be made up of totally great prints, including some NOT EVEN YET RELEASED!

There will be only 25 tubes made, and we will be randomly inserting in 5 of the AP editions of Tim Doyle's sold out White Dragon prints that have not been released to the public.
There were only 20 AP's ever produced!

Our last tube sale blew outta here in just a few hours, don't be left out! If you have ordered from us before, we'll do our best to put brand new stuff in there for you! Same if you order 2 tubes!

Only $40


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