Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Aaron Horkey Eryops Rose Print Release

Aaron Horkey Rose Shards Box Set (Edition of 56 set with 6 APs) contains the Eryops Rose print with two JP Detritus emblem etched glasses.

Eryops Rose
 9 screens/11 colors (including metallic and transparent inks) on Lettra Pearl White 110# 100% cotton stock.
 Edition of 56 pieces with 6 APs
 11 3/4" X 8 3/8"
 Comes with a custom designed COA.

Jp Detritus emblem with Circle osprey etched glass (short)
 15.4 cm, 7.7 diameter

Jp Detritus emblem with Circle osprey etched glass/ flower vase (long)
 21 cm, 6.7 diameter

Packages/box is handmade and screen-printed with expert craftsmanship.

 * Includes the Black Osprey kana screen print obi, exclusive pins and stickers.

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