Monday, September 15, 2014

Aled Lewis Red vs Blue Halo Poster On Sale

Today Rooster Teeth is pleased to release the final poster in the first edition of Red vs Blue posters from British artist, Aled Lewis. Aled's done some great work in the last couple of years from his Streets of Rage/Final Fight oriented Hot Fuzz and Always Sunny In Philadelphia posters to his Toy Stories series. Rooster Teeth were excited when he came on board to do something and were even more excited when they saw the final work that he created.

Here’s what Aled had to say about his finalĂ©.
“To condense 12 seasons of Red vs Blue into a single image is a difficult task! So much has happened but I wanted to focus on the core characters and allude so some of the events of the story. It's a dynamic series with an intricate plot involving complex action sequences but always with humour and dialogue at it's core. I thought the sci-fi movie posters of the 70s and 80s would be a great source to draw inspiration from and would permit me to create a collage of characters and scenes that conveyed what the show was about but also included moments that fans of the show could recognise. The challenge with screen printing is working with limited colours but with Red vs Blue, it seemed making the print in red and blue tones was an irresistible stylistic choice. Hopefully RvB fans enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it!”

Rooster Teeth will be back in mid to late November with the start of their next series of posters: RWBY. Stay tuned for more details.

Poster printed by Nakatomi Print Labs on Cougar Natural. 18x24". Numbered edition of 250

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