Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nathan James Waterworks Print, a tribute to pin-up girls

1xRUN has Nathan James back today with his umm take on the famous pin-up girls genre with his print Waterworks.

"This painting was part of my last solo show, PUNCHLINES, at the KK Outlet in London in October of 2013.

With this piece the original idea was to create a painterly gag by taking images from a particular genre and to alter it with some grotesque faces. Sort of a Tex Avery sort of thing. I knew that I wanted to do some goofy pin-ups and Gil Elvgren is the master, so sending up his work felt like a fun thing to do. I actually learned a lot re-working his pieces. This piece was particularly satisfying." - Nathan James

On sale Tuesday at NOON EDT at 1xRUN.com

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