Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Batman Prints From French Paper Art Club

Here is the new exclusive and limited screen prints of the One Year of Batman project. Two new limited prints, on a brand new concept : the cult Batman comics covers, re-designed and original materials.

Carlos Olmo strikes first with his redesign of the iconic Detective Comics 69 cover, aka the Double-Guns Joker cover, from November 1942.

This comics was introducing Batman's arch nemesis : the Joker ! The madman was a creation of artist Jerry Robinson (even if Bob Kane and Bill Finger always claimed to be the official creators of the Joker, most of the comics historians think this was Jerry's idea), and he designed this great cover where the Joker appears like an evil genius in front of the Dynamic Duo.

This cover was redesigned by Spanish-French artist Carlos Olmo, who could bring his own vision to this legendary cover, with an awesome style.

Detective Comics #69 by Carlos Olmo
5 color screen-print
Very Limited Edition of 60
Size: 16 x 20
Signed & numbered by the artist
Officially licensed (DC Comics/Warner)
35 €

On sale now here:

The second print, is an original cover from DC's Batman Urban Legends, from February 2012, originally drawn by the late Jorge Zaffino.

Zaffino was born in 1957 in Buenos Aires, and his work as a comics artist inspired a whole generation of artists. When he first came to the US in the 80's, he was quickly noticed by Chuck Dixon, a legendary scenarist. Together, they worked on great pieces like WinterWorld, in 1987. They will also work on the Punisher, Hellraiser, Savage Tales of Conan, and the now cult Seven Block.

Jorge Zaffino slowly retires from the US comics world to go back to Buenos Aires in the late 90s. He will nonetheless participate the Batman Black and White short stories in 1996. He died from a heart attack in 2002. This screen print is a way to pay him tribute.

Batman Urban Legends by Jorge Zaffino
2 color screen-print (incl. silver metallic) on black paper
Numbered Edition of 75
Size: 16 x 24 (40 x 60 cm)
Certificate Of Authenticity
Officially licensed (DC Comics/Warner)

On sale now here:

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