Monday, September 22, 2014

Fulvio Di Piazza Ship Print Release Details

1xRUN have brought another Italian artist to America, well not literally they have brought his work for you to check out and purchase. Fulvio Di Piazza's first release with 1xRUN happens today with a print titled Ship.

"This piece is a small painting borne from improvising and it represents a small sum of my surreal way of conceiving the pictorial image. The original piece was created using oil on canvas. It was not part of a group of works intended for a show, it was instead exhibited and sold at an art fair in Bologna in 2012.

I believe this worth buying because it is a very evocative image and it contains improvisation on a theme very dear to me: the flying ship." - Fulvio Di Piazzil

On sale Monday at NOON EDT at

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