Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Neltner Small Batch Beer Prints Release

Celebrating a 42’ x 70’ brewery mural Keith Neltner illustrated and installed in Over the Rhine NSB will release a 1/32” scale Giclee print. Edition of 210 on watercolor paper 20” x 30” signed and numbered for $75. 50% of all profits benefit the Brewery District Trail.

The second print commemorates the documentary release “Art & Craft: A Tale of Beer & Brushes” directed by Brandon Faris featuring the mural creation and the Cincinnati beer scene. Edition of 50 on French Paper 19” x 25” 2 color screen print signed and numbered for $20 printed by Southpaw.

To purchase the prints www.neltnersmallbatch.com/store

For more information and to view the film’s trailer check out:

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