Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tyree Guyton Steve and Dave Print Release Details

Long before "Street Art" was a buzz word in the current parlance of our times Tyree Guyton was THE Street Artist. For nearly 30 years on Detroit's east side he has waged a personal war on urban blight, transforming his neighborhood into a living indoor/outdoor art gallery. Through his massive art installation The Heidelberg Project, which spans several city blocks, Guyton has drawn attention to the plight of Detroit’s forgotten neighborhoods and spurred discussion and action with reductions in drug trafficking, gang violence, and crime. Guyton’s vision for Heidelberg is to transform the two block area into Detroit’s own Ghetto Guggenheim.

As Detroiter's 1xRUN are extremely proud to present Tyree Guyton's debut release on 1xRUN and are honored to announce his exhibition Spirit will open Friday October 17th at Inner State Gallery. To join the advanced collector preview email .

"This image is part of my Faces Of God series. I have been working on this series for 25 years now. I’ve been told that sometimes it takes 10 years or so to get a series right. I have transcended “getting it right” to developing my own style, having some fun in the process and creating some interesting characters. It’s my way of looking at human life and creating magic. I’m very excited for these images to go out into the world. They force me to ask who is God? Why are we created in his image? With this series I’m trying to understand this entity that we call God and at the same time understand life.” - Tyree Guyton

Steve and Dave go on sale NOON EDT Wednesday at

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