Friday, September 26, 2014

New Prints & Poster from Justin Santora

Fall is here and now we have to listen to people say how much they love it when it's cold, dark and damp.  Justin Santora has some new items in his online store.  First up is a set of four 10x10" prints depicting various Midwestern animals.  They feature the following:
Black Capped Chicakdee, one of Justin's favorite birds of all time.
Common Eastern Firefly.  Anyone who grew up in a part of the world where these fascinating insects live can remember chasing and catching them as a kid
Brown Rat.  These animals are actually highly intelligent and have been shown to demonstrate a form of empathy in scientific studies.  Justin;s illustrator friend Kevin Tong was in town for Renegade Craft Fair a few weeks ago, and he was pretty intent on seeing at least one of the many rats that populate the shadows of Chicago's alleyways.  But alas, one never presented itself.
Black Crappie.  These striking fish live in rivers and lakes all over Illinois and other parts of the US.  They're kind of a like a mixture between largemouth bass and panfish.

These prints are sold as a set of four with matching edition numbers.  They are signed and numbered editions of 75, 10x10".  Each set is $40.

Lastly, Juston did a poster for the band Pomplamoose.  They consist primarily of a talented husband/wife duo whose YouTube videos of home-recorded cover songs gained them a lot of popularity.  They're goofy, fun, creative, and great musicians.  He did the poster for their recent performance at Chicago's Lincoln Hall, and a few artist copies are available in my store now.

4 color screen print, 18x24", signed/numbered edition of 95.  $20
These are all available in now Justin Santora's store,

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