Monday, September 29, 2014

Francesco Lo Castro Portrait Of A Civilization Print on Metal

1xRUN introduced it's customers to another new Italian artist Francesco Lo Castro. His recent release Portrait Of A Civilization print on metal is really nice.

"The painting was part of my ‘Advent’ solo exhibition at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood in 2013. With ‘Advent’ (meaning ‘arrival/rise), I sought to depict the impact of humanity’s technological advances and their merging with the organic world to create a symbiosis so transformative that it would give rise to a new way of life, new social constructs and a new form of civilization.

I had two basic intentions: to create an abstract narrative that was wide open to exploration and interpretation and to compose it in a way that depicted the fluid melding of biology and technology. In regards to technique, I wanted to blur the line between organism and machine and set out to hand paint images which had the appearance of having been digitally produced." - Francesco Lo Castro

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