Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Brad Klausen Phish Alpine Valley East Troy Poster Release

Brad Klausen did the posters for this past weekends Phish shows in East Troy at Alpine Valley. These are two separate posters, one for each night of Phish's two nights at Alpine Valley last weekend. They are not an uncut sheet,the band didn't ask for any
uncut sheets, so there aren't any. They are a matched set though, so the numbers on both posters will match if you buy the set.

Both posters are 13.1" x 24.1" inches, 6 Color screen prints with a signed and numbered edition of 78.

Posters will be for sale on Tuesday August 11th at 9 AM PDT at www.ArtilleryDesign.com


  1. Is this print ever going to be re-released? Thanks!

    1. Nope, Brad does not reprint any of his work and Phish wont allow it either.


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