Friday, August 21, 2015

Naturel Obsidian Afropunk Prints Release

Naturel is releasing two prints with 1xRUN on Friday titled Obsidian. There will be two different editions After Dark Edition & All Day Edition.

Afropunk, Naturel and 1xRUN are excited to announce "Obsidian" the Official Afropunk Art Print for the 2015 Brooklyn festival which kicks off August 22nd & 23rd at Brooklyn’s Commodore Barry Park!

“Inspired the ideals of self awareness and strength of character, I wanted to illustrate the unique duality of edge and beauty that the Afropunk Festival embodies. Obsidian is born when raging hot lava is ejected from deep within the earth and cooled quickly by the surrounding environment, creating a smooth and jagged black glass-like rock. Obsidian is much like essence of Afropunk, born of fire from within, hardened when exposed to a cold world, dangerously sharp yet brilliantly black and beautiful,” Naturel said of his latest work.

On sale Friday at NOON EDT at

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