Monday, August 24, 2015

Joshua Belanger The Reedemer Print Release

The final print in the current series of private commissions from Rich at Minor Victory Inc. is from the prince of the illustration of darkness, Joshua Belanger .

The Reedemer brings hope for a failed world in the form of a return to the old values with destruction of organized religions, the political machine and the corrupt. Conceived to be a new interpretation of the antichrist, Joshua crafted her as a female-figure or primordial power with references to the myths of the Nephilim. Where she treads hope and light follow and nature springs to fill the void.

Although originating as a private commission, a limited, small print-run (by Tommy AHD at Prints of Thieves) is available at Minor Victory Inc.

Two colors on high-quality black 300 gsm paper, printed again by Tommy at Prints of Thieves.
594 x 420 mm, A2 size, full-bleed print.
Edition of only 30 with 27 available for sale, digital artist signature embedded in the image, numbered and stamped on rear.

Buy it at Minor Victory Store

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