Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Adam Pobiak It's Not a Mystery Tube Sale

The last time Adam Pobiak did a mystery tube sale it didn't go exactly as he planned. Since he recognized most of the names on the orders as regular buyers of his he ended up including much better prints in the tubes than he intended to avoid any disappointment on the receiving end. So this time around Adam is just MASSIVELY discounting a bunch of prints so you can just grab what you want and he won't feel the pressure to please! Prints in the sale will range from £5-£15. A few sold out prints will be added back into the shop (at normal prices). And an unreleased variant or two might also make an appearance (at normal prices).
All orders over £40 will receive a special bonus item.

The Sale begins Thursday August 13th at 5pm GMT (Noon Eastern - 9am Pacific )

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