Friday, August 28, 2015

Joshua Marc Levy Dean Ween Group Greensboro Poster World Premiere Exclusive

The Dean Ween Group are in Greensboro, NC tonight and Joshua Marc Levy has once again created a mind bending poster for the concert.

As Joshua said "It's a great honor to design & produce this print, for one of my all-time favorite bands."

Here are the details on the poster and variants
A. Show Edition of 60 signed and numbered, 19x25", 140lb French brand paper, with Metallic Silver.
B. Edition of 3 test prints where black layer is upside down.
C. Edition of 5, black layer only "large coloring sheets".

The black layer was drawn to size with a uniball pen on paper by Joshua, over the course of 4 days with “my own bare hands”. No pencils were used, Levy just went for it in ink. Very minor retouching in the computer, where it was colored.

Show Edition available at the show. Any remaining prints will go up the following Monday August 31, along with 2 test prints and the coloring sheets over

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