Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jonny Alexander Drawing Connections & Losing Conclusions Prints And Original Art

1xRun are proud to announce the newest member of the 1xRUN team, California born and bred artist Jonny Alexander who joins as them as 1xRUN’s In-House Master Printer. Working closely with each artist Alexander put his own unique flair with each edition and worked closely with the artist to make each print come to life in the 1xRUN printshop. Studying at California State University in Chico, California Alexander majored in print making and since then has found his own unique voice with his printing, murals and paintings. In his personal work multi-dimensional layers of earth with a surrealist twist leave the viewer with plenty to digest.

“This is a collection of pieces that gives a good overview of my approach to art making. It encompasses techniques in painting, drawing and various forms of printmaking, mainly screen printing.

I have this thing where ideas and themes will come into my head and swirl around a bit and then they go and sit off in a corner that I can’t find. Then months later, like when you randomly remember a dream, the idea will resurface and be re-contextualized to my current frame of mind and will find it’s home in a painting.” - Jonny Alexander

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