Thursday, August 6, 2015

Stan & Vince Creature from the Black Lagoon Poster From Mondo

On Thursday Mondo will be releasing an incredible poster for CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON by Stan & Vince, available in two versions. The colors, composition, title treatment...out of control. There will be the color edition and a classic black & white variant

Here's what Stan & Vince had to say about CREATURE and their thoughts behind the poster design:
"When Mondo asked us to work on a poster for CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, we didn’t hesitate for a second! The Creature!!! One of the most beautiful, iconic Universal classic monsters...along with the Frankenstein's Monster, the Mummy, The Metaluna Mutant and a few others. There aren't very many in the club!

We watched an anaglyph version of the film on French television in 1982 when we were 13-years-old. The experience was such a big moment for each of us and still remains in our minds with the same emotion and nostalgia.

Over sixty years after the release of the movie, we didn’t want to play on the mystery by representing just a part of the Creature. On the contrary, we imagined this poster on the walls of fans like ourselves able to contemplate and examine this amazing monster each day. Additionally, the idea of his arm rising out of the frame was included as a tribute to one of the first 3D films in cinema history."
On sale at a random time Thursday at

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